Victory Heights Primary School
Victory Heights Primary School
Victory Heights Primary School

Principal's Welcome

A very warm welcome to Victory Heights Primary School! We are so very proud of our school, which is a bright and happy learning hub at the heart of the Sports City community.

In an ever-competitive market here in Dubai, VHPS is a unique school that is wholeheartedly committed to investing in our children and families. Our vision to ‘Nurture, Challenge and Excel’ has led to outstanding academic progress, a varied and creative curriculum, and children who develop into confident and well-rounded individuals. Our children clearly love learning and come bounding through the gates every morning ready for new and exciting challenges, alongside our highly-qualified and dedicated teaching staff.

For me personally, it has been a dream come true to set up and lead a new school from its inception. We are 11 years old this year and we sincerely thank all the staff and families, past and present, who have believed in us. Rearing a school from sand to stardust has been an experience. We have a sign at our reception that says, "Forgive the mess, we are making memories!". Our home away from home, our relatable community, our bread and butter values and philosophy, have made us who we are today. As a result of an ambitious, professional staff, we have been able to implement the values that we feel are important in primary education, whilst simultaneously embracing the UAE National Agenda Vision 2021, which has enabled us to reach for the highest standards - providing a truly world-class education.

We now stand on the threshold of a new era in Dubai’s progress. If we could glimpse into the future, we would see a private school community whose growth is driven by the vision of its leaders and the care of its members. We would see principals, teachers, parents, and students becoming the architects of a school culture that is internationally renowned for its diversity and quality. We would see education in Dubai take its place among the best in the world.

Dr. Abdulla Al Karam
Director General


This year our values have been redefined - Unity, Integrity, Empowerment, and Happiness. Our united mission is for "DYNAMIC" school performances.

We are heavily invested in community and the importance of belonging. The power of positivity for our children to hold in their hearts and minds is a value that resonates throughout every activity. Our "why" is to give our young souls the strength to contribute and to make a difference to the choices that their generation will make. For the quiet, the expressive, the creative and the analytical characters, VHPS nurtures eclectic personalities guiding individuals to form groups, teams, villages, towns, countries and nations for now then and evermore.

Through our SMART targets and international benchmarking, we reflect, review and react. By being creative in our approach to learning, we have been able to be part of the explosive growth in the educational sector here in Dubai but in a way we feel is sustainable. In the spirit of unity and excellence, we are focused on being a nurturing and inclusive school, where children with a wide-range of interests and needs are given the platform that they need to succeed in learning. The inclusive provision for all of our learners is at the forefront of what we do and regardless of experiences. Victory Heights Primary develops all of our determined students. Modification of learning strategies and approaches enables us to help children to be the best that they can be. This resonates in our school song and is a clear goal for us all.

Our commitment to an innovative curriculum and the investments in the planning of UAE social studies is regularly woven into art projects, house events, and knowledge organizers.

Our staff are role models to our children, who have manners, passion for life and are life long learners. We use technology with purpose. Our key investment is in Oracy Skills. This is extremely important to us. We want all our children to be debators and listeners. To express themselves and have interesting conversations. Tell stories of experiences, adventures and hope, using humour and expression. We want all our children to be rich in vocabulary so that they can solve problems through discussions.

Victory Heights Primary School is delighted with our BSO and DSIB Outstanding reports. This is a testament to our authentic culture to remain child-focused in everything that we do. During our visit, Education Development Trust compared BSO standards to every aspect of life at VHPS. The feedback in all areas has given us the confidence to continue to believe in our sharp, smart values and beam about our “Centre of Excellence“.

Click here to read the BSO report and here to read the DSIB report.

We look forward to enjoying many memorable moments of this year and relishing the awe and wonder that blossoms from working alongside children.

We pride ourselves on being the happiest school in Dubai, and we welcome you to visit us and see for yourself!

Sasha Crabb - Principal