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Victory Heights Primary School
Victory Heights Primary School

Inclusion at VHPS

At VHPS we welcome children with different academic backgrounds and abilities. Our aim is to ensure the learning needs of all children are met in a safe, secure, happy and dynamic environment.

At VHPS all members of staff are advocates for inclusion. Our staff are continually working towards removing barriers which may be impacting upon their educational and emotional well-being. Understanding different learning styles and offering children opportunities to learn in different ways through appropriate planning, teaching, collaboration and assessment is a significant focus and strength of the school.

At VHPS we believe in Quality First Teaching that emphasises inclusive teaching for all children within a class. The VHPS Absolutes identify the key characteristics of teaching and learning found within our school.

The Inclusion Team where appropriate offers additional support for children with a Special Educational Need, Additional Educational Need, English as an additional language, more able, gifted and talented.  Support can be offered through  a varieties of ways including:

- In class support from our learning support teachers and/or learning support assistants. 

- Phonics interventions

- Literacy interventions

- Maths intervention

-  Gross and Fine motor skills

- Social skills groups

- Invitational Extra Curricula activities

- Access to pastoral carer

- More able gifted and talented groups for Maths, English and Science. 

- English as an additional Language support


For further information please see the following documentation -  

Inclusion Policy 2019-2020

Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework (2017)

Implementing Inclusive Education a Guide for Schools (2019)

Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education (2020)

Federal Law 2006 Article 29

Dubai Law 2014 (2)

Executive Council Resolution No. (2) of 2017 – Regulating Private Schools in the Emirate of Dubai.  

UN Convention of Rights for Persons with Disabilities Article 24 (Education)

Should you wish to discuss inclusion further please contact our Inclusion Champion, Michelle Choytooa on