Victory Heights Primary School
Victory Heights Primary School
Victory Heights Primary School

Academic Overview

Here at Victory Heights Primary School, we follow the British Curriculum, with an appreciation and respect for Dubai and the culture of the UAE embedded throughout. Our curriculum is carefully designed in each Key Stage and each subject area, with our students placed at the heart of everything we do. We question and regularly review our curriculum to ensure it is impactful, purposeful and enabling all children to flourish!

We care about the simple things. Our bread and butter objective led planning, keeps our traditional primary school grounded. We believe in giving children the key tools and knowledge to succeed, as well as the skills to apply this in real life situations. We refer to our off road learning as our Fish and Chips days, those events and dress up days when we apply our facts and master concepts. Whilst our curriculum is innovative and challenges and supports all learners to be the best they can be, we don't overlook the basics and firmly believe that the fundamentals must be grasped; that's why our students continue to make exceptional progress. 

Whether your child's talents lie in the expressive arts, on the sports field, in the sciences, languages, literary or numeracy, all achievements are celebrated! Our teachers assess all children individually, and draw upon their particular skills and interests. As well as age-expected achievements in key areas, we use a range of  methods to ensure academic excellence, such as: 

  • We use formative and summative assessments
  • We plan for creative topics
  • We closely track children’s progress
  • We use a variety of teaching tools and methods
  • We document children’s learning and celebrate their achievements
  • We give regular feedback to parents
  • We involve parents in learning through workshops, information sessions and class activities
  • We organise field trips linked to learning
  • We develop children’s skills as well as their knowledge and understanding
  • We use assessment for learning strategies    
  • We make links across the subject-areas