Victory Heights Primary School
Victory Heights Primary School
Victory Heights Primary School

Principal's Welcome

A very warm welcome to Victory Heights Primary School! We are so very proud of our school, which is a bright and happy learning hub at the heart of the Sports City community.

In an ever-competitive market here in Dubai, VHPS is a unique school that is wholeheartedly committed to investing in our children and families. Our vision to ‘Nurture, Challenge and Excel’ has led to outstanding academic progress, a varied and creative curriculum, and children who develop into confident and well-rounded individuals. Our children clearly love learning and come bounding through the gates every morning ready for new and exciting challenges, alongside our highly-qualified and dedicated teaching staff.

For me personally, it has been a dream come true to set up and lead a new school from its inception. As a result, we have been able to implement the values that we feel are important in primary education, whilst simultaneously embracing the UAE National Agenda Vision 2021, which has enabled us to reach for the highest standards - providing a truly world-class education.

Education is a fundamental element for the development of a nation and the best investment in its youth.

UAE Vision 2021

Through our SMART targets and international benchmarking, we reflect, review and react. By being creative in our approach to learning, we have been able to be part of the explosive growth in the educational sector here in Dubai but in a way we feel is sustainable. In the spirit of unity and excellence, we are focused on being a nurturing and inclusive school, where children with a wide-range of interests and needs are given the platform that they need to succeed in learning. The inclusion provision for all of our learners is at the forefront of what we do and regardless of experiences. Victory Heights Primary develops all of our determined students.

Our commitment to an innovative curriculum and the investments in the planning of UAE social studies is regularly woven into art projects, house events, and knowledge organizers quizzes using Kahoot.


We look forward to enjoying many memorable moments of this year and relishing the awe and wonder that blossoms from working alongside children.

We pride ourselves on being the happiest school in Dubai, and we welcome you to visit us and see for yourself!