Victory Heights Primary School
Victory Heights Primary School
Victory Heights Primary School

School Staff

Meet the Victory Heights Primary school staff:


(From left to right) Ms. Lily, Ms. Rowena, Ms. Donna, Ms. Madeline, Ms. Rose Ann, Ms. Julie, Ms. Selena, Ms. Sasha, Ms. Dominique, Ms. Chelsea, Ms. Clarissa, Ms. Elsie, Ms. Joamie and Ms. Kudzai


(From left to right) Ms. Inha, Ms.Tongwa, Ms. Janice, Ms. Mary Grace, Ms. Raquel, Ms. Marivic, Ms. Melissa, Ms. Cyrene, Ms. Laura, Ms. Jonne, Ms. Snehal, Ms. Emma, Ms. Roushan, Ms. Mae, Ms. Passant, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Carley and Ms. Rebecca

Year 1


(From left to right) Ms. Sangeeta, Ms. Kim, Ms. Gemma, Ms. Sally, Ms. Alice, Ms. Libby, Ms. Hayley and Ms. Madelaine

Year 2

(From left to right) Ms. Bethany, Ms. Nicola, Mr. Paul, Ms. Mary, Ms. Anna, Ms. Concilla, Ms. Analyn and Ms. Bethany

Year 3

(From left to right) Ms. Risha, Ms. Ellyn, Ms. Charlotte, Ms. Sophie, Ms. Tashi and Ms. Julia

Year 4

( From left to right) Ms. Susanah, Mr. James (Year Leader), Ms. Charlotte and Ms. Rizza

Year 5 & 6

(From left to right) Ms. Claire, Ms. Alex, Mr. Cillian, Mr. Alex, Mr. John and Ms. Ashley

Specialist Teachers

Arabic and Islamic Department