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Extra Curricular

Victory Heights offers a full range of extra-curricular activities, running from Sunday to Thursday across all key stages. All children are entitled to two ECAs per week, per term. In addition to this, children are able to choose a third, Arabic ECA, which is subject to availability. All squads will be in addition to these ECAs. Please note: all squad ECAs are selective and an invitation to join is based on the trial.

In conjunction with School of Little Voice, Spanish Soccer School, TheatreWorks!, Let’s Play Capoeira, ICC Academy, Los Atletas, Dnan Sports Life, Diverse Performing Arts School, Stryx Gulf, Cool Science, Premier Genie, Innovators and Entrepreneurs Academy and Turning Pointe we are also pleased to be able to offer a full range of additional after-school activities (these activities attract a fee currency_black_pound, payable directly to the activity provider).

If you have any enquiries about our ECA programmes please contact our ECA coordinator, Francy Alalon.


Spanish Soccer School

Our Spanish Soccer School is based on three Spanish values – Unity, Passion & Skill.

At the School, we have training programmes for children ranging from ages four to 15, classified under six age groups: Under-6,  Under-8, Under-10, Under-12, Under-14 and Under-16.

At SSS we will impart values that will benefit your child’s growth and development as an individual along with his football technique and skills.

Learn to play football the Spanish way under the guidance of Spanish football legend Michel Salgado and his outstanding team of coaches.

All of our programmes are commandeered by coaches who’ve been working with Spain’s top-flight clubs for a long time, giving them a unique, inimitable blend of experience only working with the best can bring.

We certainly believe in nothing but the best here at Spanish Soccer Schools, whose development has been skillfully navigated right from its inception by former Real Madrid and Spain legend Michel Salgado.

Our world-class facilities have been used in the past by several international teams including English Premier League outfits Newcastle United, West Ham United and Swansea FC, and Russian clubs FC Rostov and Anzhi Makhachkala.

The coaching programs have been developed to enable children to dominate the game of football with maximum ball possession and to enjoy the game to the maximum.

Butch Harmon

The Butch Harmon School of Golf, located at the Els Club in Dubai Sports City, is widely regarded as the leader in junior golf development in the Middle East. The Butch Harmon School of Golf currently oversees a long term athletic development program of over 150 juniors, with many going on to play at an international and collegiate level.

Butch Harmon has created a legacy in the world of golf, and to many he is regarded as the best golf coach in the world. Butch has worked with some of the greatest players in the world from Greg Norman to Tiger woods, and most recently players like Rickie Fowler and Dustin Johnson.

With a philosophy based on helping students understand their own unique game, the Butch Harmon School of Golf features state-of-the-art computer and video equipment to analyze a player’s swing.

The 2016/2017 season marks an exciting time for the Butch Harmon School as it looks to further its connection with the local community and help develop the outstanding talent that lies within the region. The connection with Victory Heights Primary school is a perfect fit as it allows us to link with a top class primary school that, like us, offers outstanding facilities, and gives us the opportunity to work with even more junior golfers in the coming year.


Diverse Choreography is the leading Performing Arts School in Dubai and the only Performing Arts school in the region that covers all aspects of dance and theatre, with a purpose built studios off Sheik Zayed Road and over six hundred students attending classes on a regular basis as well over four hundred ASA students spread over eight of the most prestigious schools in Dubai. Diverse offers a wide range of performing arts programs from age 3 years upwards for every ability, beginner to professional, in Musical Theatre, Tap, Contemporary, Dance Fusion, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Break Dance and many more! Diverse also offers examination classes in ISTD Modern and Tap and RAD Ballet and Trinity and Lamda exams for Drama and Singing; all of which are internationally recognised and highly acclaimed syllabi.

Diverse is happy to start this new partnership with VHPS running their programme such as:

Street Jazz is great for student interaction and loads of fun. The class is high energy and excellent for creativity, coordination , technique and personal development, all to the latest music.

Diverse Choreography’s Musical Theatre class focuses on all 3 elements of Musical Theatre; Singing, Drama and Movement, producing an all round performer.

Musical Theatre offers a wide variety of skills in just one class.

Gymnastics is a very popular activity offering a general course to introduce basic gymnastic skills whilst working on the children’s strength, stamina and suppleness in a safe and controlled environment.

Children will learn the key tricks needed in today’s dancing world from walk overs to aerial work.

Los Atletas

Los Atletas Sports Services L.L.C. is a Dubai based company providing sports solutions to schools.

Our mission is to assist students to reach their maximum potential as tennis players, ahelping them to grow up as complete athletes and human beings.

Our methodology follows the “Spanish Tennis Teaching”, a training system that has located Spain on the top of world tennis during the last 20 years.

We underline every athlete skill during our lessons, working on general coordination, speed, agility, endurance and strength, making every session fun, dynamic and unique.

Our tennis programs has being designed by Ivan Baena, Bachelor in Pedagogy, International Tennis coach certificated, with more than 15 years of tennis coaching, and a whole life dedicated to tennis.

Kids Theatre Works!

Kids Theatre Works! (KTW!) has been teaching drama and acting to children in Dubai now for over 16 years.

It is the first drama school to gain accreditation from the KHDA. We are passionate about children and providing them with the life skills that drama teaches such as self-confidence, teamwork, active listening, courage and patience to name but a few.

Classes include a variety of drama exercises, improvisation, story building techniques, speaking and listening skills all designed to support children in their academic learning through Primary School.

We think it is important to introduce children to this as early as possible so we cater for FS1 and FS2 age groups as well as Year 1 and 2 at Victory Heights Primary School. In addition we offer dramatics and acting programmes for older children at DUCTAC studios in Mall of the Emirates.

By encouraging children to fire their imagination, explore their creativity, they learn to believe in themselves, believe in others and believe in the possibility that an idea can change the world.

Innovators and Entrepreneurs Academy

Innovators and Entrepreneurs’ Academy (IEA) offers platform for children inspiring them to innovate ideas through observation and guiding them to art of business in fun ways through hands on projects.

IEA brings kids together to the level where they not only appreciate the existing innovations but also encouraged to design their own ideas based on STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Math) learning. Our sessions ignite the spark in kids to develop the essential entrepreneurial skills and start their own micro enterprise.

IEA believes in hands-on practical experience and connects children to professionals through field trips and guest speakers thereby developing the skills that assists them in their future careers.

It’s never too early to inspire a business mind

Activities at IEA include:

Innovate Products Market Research

Micro Enterprise Guest Visitors

Field Trips Market Day

Contest & Events Business Plan

Building Soft Skills Finance & Budget

ICC Academy

ICC Academy Baby Shop Cricket Clubs Programme will feature at Victory Heights Primary School this year. Being the only specialist cricket programme for 3 to 6 years olds it provides the perfect introduction to the game of cricket. Sessions are based around fun and inspiring movement skills which will enable the little one to grow and develop their overall personality and cricket awareness. All sessions will be conducted by our highly qualified coaches at VHPS in a safe coaching environment.

The ICC Academy School Warriors are delight to be offering the students at VHPS the opportunity to develop their cricketing skills through the ICC Academy. The ICCA School Warriors Programme has been specifically designed to introduce cricket to young players in schools. The ICC Academy coaching challenges players to develop, in fun, safe and inspiring environ-
ments while learning about the game. The ICC Academy will be working with the VHPS to develop their school squads and students who love sport.

Stryx Gulf

Stryx provides unique sports programs for kids and adults focusing on quality training with excellent customer service. Stryx has been in the market in the UAE since 2008 and we now serve over 2000 members in more than 10 schools, academics and hotels.

We provide engaging activities delivered by trainers who are passionate about their work, to get children excited about sports. Our children’s health is important to us and we believe active children will grow into happy and healthy adults who know the importance of an active lifestyle.

We work with top sports brands like FC Barcelona & Les Mills to always ensure our members get the best in each sport they practice.

We offer the following activities:

Born to Move

Les Mills is the world’s leading provider of group fitness and is now using their decades of experience in music, movement and motivation to launch a completely new program developed specifically for children.

It is designed to inspire a young people to fall in love with movement and experience the satisfaction and thrill that comes from trying and mastering fundamental skills from the disciplines of martial arts, plyometrics, core and yoga. The BORN TO MOVE series features tailor-
made classes for five different age groups, taking children from toddler age through their teens, fostering and cementing positive physical habits so that they are hardwired for a lifetime


Taekwando is a Korean martial arts and has been a part of the Olympic games since 2000. The meaning of the word Taekwando can be loosely translated as ‘the way of the foot and fist’

Taekwando distinguishes itself from other martial arts by its emphasis on high kicks, spinning and jumping kicks, and fast hand techniques. Classes combine self-defense, combat techniques, fitness, flexibility and power, and its philosophy to enhance students range of life skills as well as being a fun and social sport. The main aims of this sports are to make students non- violent, respectful to peers, parents and instructors, as well as help them develop a positive outlook and a feeling of confidence.

Students will be expected to follow our grading system that is internationally recognized in order for them to move up into the higher belt categories.


Judo is a Martial Arts sport that is practiced around the world and was founded in 1882. It was one of many first sports to be introduced into the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games.

Judo is a tremendous and dynamic sport that was developed and used by samurai warriors over the years. This sport DOES NOT involve kicking, punching or striking techniques of any kind.

Judo will improve your physical and mental attitude and all students will learn to throw opponents with speed, skill and knowledge. Students will also learn how to control difficult situations without hurting each other.

Students will be expected to follow our grading system that is internationally recognized in order for them to move up into the higher belt categories.

Turning Pointe

Turning Pointe was established in 1996 to provide quality dance classes to children in the UAE. All Turning Pointe teachers are from the UK or South Africa and are fully qualified teachers through respected, internationally recognised dance bodies such as the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) or the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance). Having been in the field for over

20 years Turning Pointe now runs classes in over 40 locations around the UAE making it convenient for parents to take their children to their dance class which we know is a priority in this busy city.

Turning Pointe offers classes in Ballet (RAD), Tap & Modern (ISTD) as well as Hip Hop, Contemporary and Cheerleading. All these genres perform in annual shows in professional theatres with our Ballet, Tap and Modern classes also working towards annual examinations. For the more serious ballerinas we have an established Youth Ballet (TPYB) working solely towards a full length ballet each year , this is open to children from the age of 7 years upwards. Our

Ballet classes start from FS1 upwards.

School of Little Voice

School of LittleVoice is the UAE’s leading voice-over agency for Children between 4 &18 years old, specialising in all Voice work including Radio Presenting. With over 65 fully trained professional LittleVoices you can hear us every time you switch on the radio, the TV, log on or pick-up the phone – we’re all around you. In association with Dubai Eye 103.8 & D92 we bring the leading Radio Stations and their Presenters to VHPS – learn from the best, meet the most high profile personalities and go live on-air.

Dnan Sports Life

Dnan Sports Life is offering quality Sports Coaching for the UAE National and Expat community in Dubai. We are the 1st private sports club in the UAE which provides professional training for all kind of Aquatic Sports such as a Swimming, Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming and Open Water Swimming. From January 2016 Dnan Sports Life has added one of the most beautiful and graceful sport for girls – Rhythmic Gymnastics. All our coaches are highly qualified by ASA, ASCA, American Red Cross, FINA coaches association and LEN coaches association and motivated to provide the best training available in the UAE.

As Dnan Sport Life works to bring the best and the brightest to Dubai.

Our Mission as a competitive sport club is to further develop all aspects of the sport and to benefit our swimmers by providing them with opportunities to help them grow and achieve at new levels in and out of the pool.

Our Vision is to provide children and adults with an opportunity to learn the basic swimming skills so they become confident and safe around water (pool, sea, etc…) and to increase the number of people who does the regular sports activities for to improve their health and fitness.

Dnan Sports Life will run the following programmes at Victory Heights Primary School

Learn to Swim for Boys and Girls (FS1 – Grade 3)
Developing Swimming for Boys and Girls (Grade 3 – 5)
Synchronised Swimming “Water Ballet” Girls Only (Grade 2 – 5)
Water Polo for Boys and Girls (Grade 2 – 5)

Synchronised Swimming and Water Polo program can be combined with swimming classes. As an example you can choose 1 time swimming + 1 time synchronised swimming or water polo.

Let’s Play Capoeira

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial Art with the elements of Dance, Acrobatics, Music, fight and self-defense. Capoeira improves both physical and mental abilities of children. Various kicks, escapes, ground and aerial movements build strength, flexibility, agility, reflex and spontaneity in children. In addition to the physical benefits, this playful art awakens creativity, self-expression and boosts self-confidence. Kids who train Capoeira often improve in their academics, develop concentration, improve in their social skills and exhibit good health. Capoeira is one of the best ways for children to develop mind, body and strength.  Capoeira also encourages kids to learn new language, as most of the movement’s names and songs of Capoeira are in Portuguese students often learn common Portuguese words and phrases during training.

Cool Science

COOL SCIENCE is a new form of scientific entertainment that provides an hour long interaction, participation, education and fun through exciting and amazing experiments to children of all ages.

COOL SCIENCE aims to engage, excite and educate students through fun and amazing experiments.

The shows/programs have multiple experiments, hands-on involvement and loads of informative facts that is very educative and entertaining.

Our scientific experiments and explorations teaches kids patience, encourages curiosity, and builds innovation and lot of fun!

Premier Genie

Premier Genie is a leading STEM solution provider based in Dubai., India and US. Our Robotics program encompasses basic robotics based on WeDo for Year 2 to Year 6 and Advanced EV3 Robotics for kids who already have basic programming experience.

Developed as an introduction to robotics, our robotics program engages students in technology experiments that focus on science, mathematics, social studies and language concepts.

Using ICON based programming software, students write and download programs to LEGO Robots allowing them to manipulate the movements on their model.

Through building and programming they will learn problem solving skills, sharpen their analytical abilities and improve their attention to details.