Victory Heights Primary School
Victory Heights Primary School
Victory Heights Primary School

English & Mathematics

English and Mathematics form the core subjects for the British national curriculum.


We use the British National Curriculum as a guide to genres and to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the key features of a text. We also encourage children to be confident talkers and to have a sense of excitement about becoming writers. Teachers model reading and writing to ensure that children are motivated and inspired.
To address phonics, Letters and Sounds give us a structure and ensure progression across the school. Alongside this, letter formation and handwriting are brought to life using methods such as “Squiggle While you Wiggle” whilst techniques such as “Big Writing” (Ros Wilson) ensure that we give children the ingredients to success, using vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation. Learning is further reinforced and enhanced through book projects, which provide a context and can spark the imagination and enhance interest in the subject matter whilst triggering drama, role-play and a variety of cross-curricular links. Grammar and spelling are also taught in context.


Children follow the British mathematics framework. Maths is made magic by hooking children’s interest and giving them intriguing challenges. We carefully track that the basic concepts of numbers and counting are understood and children are exposed to key vocabulary and problem solving. They use data handling and shape, space and measure in a real-life context. Children will be able to use ICT as well as a range of practical equipment to solve challenges independently and individually.