Victory Heights Primary School speaks out as a building associated with children – from the bright colours, sunlit spaces, playful elements and whimsical touches, the whole design echoes a children’s village. This is particularly true in our Foundation Stage Block where we have taken great pains to create a playful environment that is as nurturing and stimulating as possible.

The Foundation Stage Block has been designed so as to be completely separate and self-contained from the rest of the primary school. Each of the FS1 and FS2 year groups have their own wing in the FS Block, where classrooms open out to a spacious and well-equipped, central indoor activity area. Each FS classroom has its own attached toilet and in keeping with best practices of the British Foundation Stage Curriculum, immediate access to the outdoors via French windows.

The central indoor activity areas, in turn, lead out to a shaded outdoor play area, separate from the rest of the school’s playgrounds and specially designed for children of this age. These dedicated FS outdoor play areas, in addition to permanent playground equipment, will also feature a range of changing outdoor activities, such as water, sand, mark making and small world play. In addition, for PE lessons, there is a separate Junior Gymnasium in the FS Block, which has been designated ultimately for the sole use of the FS students.